AFTG Services Help Your Contributors
How AFTG Services Help
Your Customers
By making AFTG's services available to your customers, you strengthen the relationship that exists between them and you, and enhance your customer retention efforts. Here are some other reasons your customers benefit:

  • They save check writing time and postage expense.

  • Their bill is made on time even if they are busy or away from home.

  • They eliminate the concern that a late payment might mar their credit rating.

  • They protect themselves against having their payments lost or stolen while in transit.

  • Their payments are recorded on their monthly bank statements.

  • They maintain complete control over the process with the ability to revoke transfer authorizations at anytime.
This win-win arrangement is secured by the protection of the Federal Reserve Board's Regulation "E" and the U. S. Government's Electronic Funds Transfer Act. No funds are transferred unless the transactions are approved in writing in advance by the customer.

Services for Your Donors