AFTG provides all the help necessary to integrate automated services as your company's preferred method of payment. You need no additional staff, and have a single point of contact at AFTG for any questions that may arise.

With AFTG, the automated contribution process is customized to meet your specific requirements. Additions or changes to your automated customer base are made at your request.

In addition to setting up the processing system, AFTG makes available any training or collateral support you might need.

Once the system is in place, it works like this:

The AFTG Process

  • The customer (# 2 in our illustration above) signs an authorization form (# 3) and returns it to you (# 1) with a voided check for account verification.

  • You forward the customer's banking information to us (# 4). We transmit a pre-notification transaction to the customer's bank, to test the system prior to the first "live" transaction.

  • On the date specified, we initiate an electronic debit request through the Federal Reserve Bank's Automated Clearing House (# 5) to the customer's bank (# 6) and the payment is posted to the customer's account (# 11).

  • We receive the customer's payment (# 7) and hold it for three business days to verify funds availability (# 8).

  • We credit the customer's payment (# 9, minus our fee) directly to your company's designated account.

  • Both you (# 10) and your customers (# 11) receive detailed confirmation of our transactions as part of your regular bank account statements.

The AFTG Process